The Standard Contract and the Mix Contract Will be Suspended for Service Upgrades on January 20

2 min readJan 19, 2020

Dear 58COIN users,

To further improve the system performance, the platform will suspend the standard contract and the mix contract for service upgrade from 15:00 (UTC +8) to 21:00 (UTC +8) on January 20.

The upgrade will start from the standard contract and then the mix contract, among them, the standard contract is expected to be suspended for 4 hours, and the mix contract is scheduled to be suspended for 2 hours. If the upgrade of the standard contract completes ahead of schedule, the upgrade of the mix contract will start swiftly. We will make every effort to ensure the upgrade in the shortest time to maximize your investment needs.

Special Reminder: During the upgrade, operations including placing orders, canceling orders, trigger orders, meeting margin calls, fund transfers will be suspended, while spot transactions, trading of USDT contracts and quarterly contracts will remain unaffected. Investors will be notified in the official announcement if any of the upgrades complete.

Since there may be large fluctuations during the upgrade, you should meet the margin call, reduce the actual leverage multiplier, or close positions in advance for risk control.

If substantial fluctuations occur, we will postpone the upgrade period depending on the actual situation and will restart the upgrade until the market becomes stable. Investors will be noticed in the supplementary announcement.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that may be caused to you and appreciate your understanding!

By adhering to the operating principle of “Customer First, Safety, Strength and Trust”, 58COIN devotes to creating a safe, transparent and reliable digital asset service environment for investors.

58COIN Exchange

January 19, 2020









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