The Second Phase of Trading Benefits | 58COIN Launched Free ETH and XRP Order Activity

2 min readMar 5, 2019

The last free LTC and EOS order activity was ended on February 28. You’ve missed the boat? Never mind, the second phase of trading benefits is coming! In order to celebrate the establishment of the North American branch, and the position users surged by 30% after the launch of the faster withdrawal system, 58COIN will start a free ETH and XRP order activity in the contract trading zone from March 4 to March 11. Seize the opportunity!

For these two free activities, some investors may say that 58COIN’s contract fee is already the lowest in the industry, only 0.015%, even if the order is free, the incentive is too small. However, from the view of the platform, the cost is large. According to the official data of 58COIN, the daily trading volume of EOS in swaps and USDT contracts once broke through 2 billion US dollars. If we calculate the average daily trading amount as 1 billion US dollars, only for EOS, the platform will save 150,000 US dollars for investors in one day. As the activity will last for 9 days, that means 58COIN will save $1.35million for investors.

According to 58COIN, in just two weeks after the Spring Festival, there were over 80,000 new registered users and brought the total registered number to over 400,000. Why do more investors choose 58COIN? Why do they prefer contracts?

Fees-Free OTC, Spot Transactions — a challenge to the traditional business model;

Perpetual Contract Initiator: No funding fees, preferred hedging — an innovation to traditional contract;

Mortgage Loan Initiator: Revitalize idle digital assets — an attempt to circulate the asset stock;

New USDT Contract: Linear and intuitive income curve, trade the whole contract with only one currency, gainer in the bear market, no socializing debt losses, fully realized profits — challenge and innovation.

This is a contract platform with unique charm and innovation capability. Why are you still wait and see? Come and join 58COIN, enjoy profits from this free activity!








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