Security Settings

4 min readJan 14, 2019

Identity Verification

1. Log in to, click “Account” in the upper right corner.

2. Select “Account Information” and click “Unverified” in Identity Verification.

3. Enter your name and ID number to complete identity verification. The specific operation is shown in the figure:

(Please be sure to use your real name and ID number. Once the verification is successful, you cannot change.)

Fund Password

1. Set up Fund Password

1) Click “Account” — “Account Security” — “Password Security” –“Fund Password”.

2) Follow the tips on the page (Note: The fund password must be a 6-digit number).

3) Click “Next” to complete the setting.

2. Reset Fund Password

1) If you forgot the fund password, click “Account” — “Account Security” — “Password Security” — “Fund Password” — “Reset”.

2) Follow the tips on the page (Reminder: You cannot withdraw within 24 hours after resetting the fund password, nor can be realized by the customer service).

3) Click “Next”, an email about setting up fund password will be sent to you, please confirm in the bound email!

Login Password

1. If you forgot login password, please enter the login page and click “Forgot Password?”

2. Enter your phone number.

3. Enter the verified ID number.

4. Follow the tips on the page to set up a new password.

5. Click “Next” to finish the resetting.


1. Bind Email

1) Click “Account” — “Account Security” — “Security Settings” — “Bind Email”.

2) Follow the tips on the page.

3) Click the activation link in the email to finish the binding.

2. Change Email

1) Click “Account” — “Account Security” — “Security Settings” — “Bind Email” — “Change”

2) Follow the tips on the page.

3) Click the activation link in the email to finish the change.

Bind Google Authentication

1. Click “Account” — “Account Security” — “Security Settings” — “Google Authentication” — “Bind”.

(Reminder: Please download a Google Authenticator on your mobile phone. You can scan the QR code on the binding page to download.)

2. Download Google Authenticator and then follow the tips on the page to complete the binding.

How to Change Security Settings?

1. Log in to and click ”Account” in the upper right corner.

2. Select “Account Security”.

3. Click “Security Settings” and select the verification method to change.

4. For example: Change login verification.

5. Enter the verification code as promoted.

6. After the change is successful, the page is displayed as follows.

Can I Modify after Identity Verification?

In order to ensure the security of your account assets, your name and ID number cannot be modified after you complete the real-name registration. This restriction cannot be lifted manually, please fill it out carefully.

What if my Account Locked after too Many Wrong Fund Password Attempts?

Your account will be locked if you enter too many wrong fund passwords, and coins cannot be withdrawn in 24 hours. If you forgot the fund password, please reset the fund password directly after being locked. Since resetting, you cannot withdraw for the next 24 hours. This restriction cannot be lifted manually. Please wait patiently for 24 hours.


1. Use a unique account email and different passwords

2. Be sure to turn on secondary verification

3. Check the domain name before each login:

4. Do not click on unknown links and attachments in the email

5. Choose reliable anti-virus software and keep updating

6. Encrypt your email address and mobile phone

7. Keep your computer safe

8. Use a secure network

Anti-Virus and Anti-Trojan Guides

Please check whether the computer is safe or not in the following three ways:

1. Set the browser in plug-in-free security mode, and then log in to 58COIN to check if the deposit/withdrawal address is correct.

2. Record a correct withdrawal address in Notepad and try to paste the address into the address bar to check if the address is correct.

3. Download the 58COIN App and compare if the deposit/withdrawal address on App matches the one in the Web browser.

If there is a difference in the above checking, your computer may get infected with a virus or Trojan. Suggestions are as follows:

l Install anti-virus software to remove Trojan viruses;

l Uninstall plug-ins or unknown third party software;

l In extreme cases, you may have to reformat the hard disk to reinstall the operating system;

l Obtain support from computer security experts.




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