Rumors End With Sage! 58COIN Users: Shut Up! Your Internet Trolls And Hired Supporters

4 min readJul 12, 2019


Rumors like “58COIN freezes profit accounts”, “the withdrawal on 58COIN is slow”, “58COIN will abscond with the funds” are spreading online. For these rumors, 58COIN only wants to say: “What’s your problem?!” Just as the saying goes “Rumors end with sage”, let’s take a look at the real feedbacks of 58COIN users!

Only users who have actually experienced the products and services of 58COIN can evaluate them objectively. We summed up some user feedbacks from various channels, including communities, forums, post bar, etc., please note that the comments mentioned below are originals opinions of real users, and our purpose is to make facts speak for themselves.

Forum — The End Of Rumors

Since the forum basically has no restrictions and supervision on the content sent by users, where rumors are abundant and spread fastest. Taking advantage of these convenient conditions, internet trolls fabricate rumors of 58COIN as they wish, however, critical as 58COIN’s users are, they can discern the purpose of rumors and express their objective opinions.

(It’s really painstaking for the internet trolls to fabricate rumors of 58COIN by using the rubbish coins that were delisted from various platforms six months ago)
(I traded contracts on 58COIN, it’s amazing, at least there is no manipulations or apportioning losses on it)
(The deposit and withdrawal on 58COIN is fast, and this is an advantage of 58COIN)

Community — The Real Feedbacks From Real Users

The community is the most active place for users, where can they seek answers for questions, exchange trading experiences, and get the market trend. Investors attach more importance to 58COIN community since the index mechanism eliminates the market price liquidation, moreover, the positive attitude in dealing with various emergencies also win praises from investors.

(On the issue of insurance funds, 58COIN is a responsible platform)

(58COIN is the best platform among all the platforms that I’ve met

Since there are no manipulations

The trading experience on it is better than Huobi Pro and OKEx)

Interviews With Veteran Users — Tell The Truth About Products Of 58COIN

58COIN interviewed some representatives of veteran users, including “Mr. Li” who prayed for 58COIN by launching sky lanterns; “Ququ”, who made profits in 12 out of 14 investments on the platform, “pink”, who got the lost 2,000USDT with the help of the platform. Trusts can be seen in their words.

(Ququ said: “Products of 58COIN are excellent, and more than half of his team, which is made up of 250 investors, are trading on the platform”)
(The user expressed his affirmation of 58COIN, since he can hold the profit and loss, and directly withdraw the profits and do not need to wait until the delivery date)

Online Support — Amicable Services

In addition to the Internet, 58COIN Exchange Online Customer Service is the first window that directly open to users. Sara, the Customer Service Director, said the department received requests like “false deposits”, “false transfers”, and even “receiving false payments in OTC trading”. The quick response and solving of the problems got the user’s affirmations.

The user when transferred the wrong amount in OTC trading and sought the customer service for help. When his problem was solved, he said: “I’m satisfied with your amicable service team and I’ll continue trading on 58COIN no matter I make profit or loss”.

For some false rumors and malicious attacks on the Internet, 58COIN did not make many responses, since they believe that “A clean hand wants no washing”. Instead, they work hard to continuously optimize their products and enhance the trading ability of the platform to provide better investment environment and trading experience for investors. What’s more, they cherish every user, and sent thoughtful gifts to users in traditional festivals, for example, the hairy crabs on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Chagan Lake fishes on the Spring Festival, and the glutinous rice dumpling on Dragon Boat Festival, which else platform has done so for their users?

(58COIN provides better services for investors! If the bull market comes, 58COIN will surpass OKEx and Bitmex!)

All the above-mentioned evaluations were collected from some users of the 58COIN exchange. If you want to make a further understanding, do not rely on the hearsay, since “Practice is the only criterion for testing truth”, 58COIN is always right here waiting for your testing!