Gainer Show | Spring March — A Season for Making Profits

In March, everything regains vitality, it also applies to the digital currency market. Last week, the market made a breakthrough at 4,000 for many times, hitting 4,067 at the highest, and then pulled back and oscillated. Other currencies also followed the market trend, breaking the oscillation. Users of 58COIN also seized the opportunity of fluctuation and started the “profit season”.

  1. Short BTC — Making a Profit of 15,000

User ID: 路易大师

Bitcoin’s price deviated from the market trend, the short-term previous high resistance for 4,050 is high, the possibility of a sharp rise is small. It is reasonable to short at the resistance level. I’ve started trading contracts for six months and seemed to have found a good trading strategy. Compared with the previous unplanned transaction, I make a plan before trading now, though the information is given by others, the profit is steady. I feel good to trade on 58COIN platform, as it has no overnight fees or holding costs.

2. Long BCH — Making a Profit of 100,000

User ID: Seven

I am a broker of 58COIN. After the Chinese Spring Festival, I’ve been looking for opportunities to long BCH, however, the price did not rise until several days ago, it rose to 166. I opened long after the pullback, and have closed the position at present. Guys, we can wait for the opportunity to short. Trading 100x leverage contract can enjoy a fast profit return, but I do not dare to hold it for a long time. I like to trade currencies like ETC, BCH. It is very objective to seize the opportunity of compensatory growth. Just like a patient hunter, you hunt (trade) once seize the opportunity.

3. Short LTC — Making a Profit of 47,000

User ID: 凯撒大帝

I’m an experienced investor. I used to trade on OKEx and now trade USDT Contract on 58COIN. It’s easy to get started and the overall trading experience is good. I hope the platform can launch isolated margin and stop profit/loss in the later period. Comparing with the delivery contract, you can trade USDT contract at any time and do not need to convert coins. I made profits in shorting LTC and my target is 48. Last year, I lost a lot in private placement, and hope to cover the loss through trading contracts this year.

4. Short TRX — Making a Profit of 120,000

User ID: 毅

When the TRON’s BTT airdrop started, I heard that TRX can be traded in the delivery contract of 58COIN. I’ve made a profit of 40,000 U after several transactions, and have not apportioned any loss up to now. I highly recommend this advantage. The customer service is very good and can solve problems in time. I hope the platform will launch more activities so that more users will enjoy trading the contract on 58COIN.

5. Short ETH — Making a Profit of 12,000

User ID: 芥末Grace

After the ETH hard fork, the trend has been the weakest. When the Bollinger band contracted, I shorted at the upper band, then the price dropped sharply. In short, the trend of ETH is weak. The probability to break 100 again in the year is high. So the trading strategy of this year is easy: short the contract in a bullish market and long the Spot in the bearish market. I plan to invest only in ETH this year, the experienced traders said the market reach the bottom repeatedly. It’s fast to make profits by using one indicator of a contract. I found the withdrawal on 58COIN is so fast, and the trading experience is getting better.

The gainers of this list include USDT contract traders, digital contract traders, and regular contract investors. It can be seen that 58COIN’s full line of contract products have their own followers among users. Which kind of contract do you prefer?








58COIN is the world’s leading digital trading platform. E-mail:; Telegram:

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58COIN is the world’s leading digital trading platform. E-mail:; Telegram:

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