Gainer Show | Short-Term Short, Making A Profit Of 660,000 Yuan

3 min readApr 24, 2019

Last Monday, some exchanges announced that they would delist BSV bring a shock to the cryptocurrency industry, leading to a plunge of 20% in the BSV’s price and the sharp fall in the price of other main digital currencies. Although this incident is unpredictable, some investors seized the opportunity of shorting and made profits.

  1. Short BSVUSDT — Making a Profit of 170,000 Yuan

User ID: 道可道 非常道

This is one of the most successful operations that I’ve done. I can’t believe that I’ve seized the opportunity. Seeing the news that BSV would be delisted, I started to realize there may be a chance, so I logged in the 58COIN app and shorted BSV, as expected, I made the largest amount of profits since I began contract transactions.

2. Short BCHUSDT — Making a Profit of 660,000+ Yuan

User ID: 半夏微凉

I made the operation mainly based on the news that BSV will be delisted. BCH (BCHABC) is twined with BSV, the removal of BSV will definitely leave an effect on BCH, so I shorted BCH without hesitation. As the market fluctuated repeatedly last week, I finally chose to withdraw.

3. Short LTC0726 — Making a Profit of Nearly 60,000 Yuan

User ID: 蔡司熊

Recently, 58COIN started the Isolated Margin Model, which offers independent risk calculations against various positions, so I transferred some assets from USDT contract to regular contract. Surprisingly, I caught up with a deep drop after opened the position, and made a small profit. In addition, I heard that 58COIN will launch BNB, HT, and OKB and other native tokens, once BNB listed, I will use this profit as my trading principal.

4. Short BTCUSDT — Making a Profit of 61,000 Yuan

User ID: 大同小毅

You can only make huge profits in the dramatic market, though the oscillation did not make me rich, I earned 60,000 Yuan in this transaction, which is more than one month’s salary for ordinary white-collar workers. Truth is always in the hands of a few people. When everyone believed that BTC can break through 5,400 and rush to 6,000, I opened short against the trend. Currently, the market has not been consolidated yet, it seems that the short-term support level of 5,200 was effective. At this stage, “every market rise is an opportunity to short”.

5. Short EOSUSD — Making a Profit of 30,000 Yuan

User ID: 无言

I am an early broker of 58COIN, and I used the rebated EOS to open positions. Surprisingly, EOS rose sharply last Monday and I thought this was the chance for short, so I opened short 100x EOS order with less than 1,000 EOS. As expected, I earned more than 6,000 EOS.

Users on this list are all investors who seized the opportunity for short-term short-selling. The success of them lies in the strong judgment, careful observation, and reasonable operation, all of which are valuable characteristics in cryptocurrency trading that deserve study.


According to the official news of 58COIN, the BNB Regular Contract will be launched on Wednesday (April 24, GMT +8), please stay tuned!