Gainer Show | BTC Leads The Price Surge Of Popular Digital Currencies, Investors Make Huge Profits In Short-Term Longs

4 min readApr 12, 2019


It is predicted that the bull market will arrive in the second quarter of 2019. Now the April just begins, the cryptocurrency already has a slight rally. On April 2, BTC led the major cryptocurrency’s price surge with an increase of more than 10%. Gainers on the list have seized the rising trend and did short-term transactions.

  1. Long BTC — Making a Profit of 87,000 Yuan

User ID: 老龚Robin

From the beginning of April, I longed BTC in Digital Contract of 58COIN and waited for the market. Surprisingly, the market started to surge at noon on April 2, and the profits of my long orders also increased. Looking at the rising profits, I was nervous and afraid that the price might plunge. So I closed the position at night and got 2.39 BTC. After that, the BTC continued to rise, although the contract positions were closed, the price of profitable BTC is still rising, and I gained nearly $1,000.

2. Long LTC — Making a Profit of 287,000 Yuan

User ID: A 梦想·远航

When the price surged on April 2, I failed to operate in time for some reason. However, as the saying goes, “LTC is the silver to BTC’s gold”, I quickly opened long LTCUSDT contracts that night, as expected, the biggest increase of LTC was more than 25% on April 3 and almost approach the upper resistance level, so I closed the position when the price reached $88. Finally, I got 40,000 USDT in this short-term transaction.

3. Long EOS — Making a Profit of 6,125 Yuan

User ID: 果汁分你一半

I am a new user of 58COIN. Right after my invited registration, the market surged. I quickly bought 5,000 USDT through OTC transaction and started trading EOSUSDT contract. You can indeed make profits when catching up with the market. I got nearly 1,000 USDT in my first transaction, besides, as the invitee, I also enjoyed the 10% rebates. 58COIN is really a good exchange that cares for users.

4. Long BCH — Making a Profit of 430,000 Yuan

User ID: 邵伟Sven

As the saying goes “Long consolidations will fall”, BCH has been on the horizontal price movement for a long time, so I opened a short position on the morning of April 2 and waited for the fall. Unexpectedly, contrary to my expectations, BCH began to skyrocket at noon, but fortunately, I’ve set a stop profit/stop loss and the loss was not serious. Then, I opened a long BCHUSD order and held the position for 4 days, the price rose from $170 to around $300 and then back to consolidation, I decided to end the transaction and got 202 BCH in this transaction.

5. Long ETH — Making a Profit of 480,000 Yuan

User ID: 阿兰那行者

At the end of March, in the K-line chart of the ETHUSDT contract, the golden cross of KDJ occurred, revealing the buy signal, so I opened a small contract position. Since then, the market has been tepid, and my position amount has remained small until the market skyrocketed on April 2, I opened long ETHUSDT, although the average opening price has increased, the earnings also rose. the feature of no holding fees of 58COIN made me hold the contract positions for so many days and finally caught up with the surging market.

Although the market has shown the signs of significant rally recently, it is still not possible to assert that the currency has entered the bull market. Investors should follow the trend and grasp the opportunity to open positions and make profits in the constantly oscillating market.