3 min readDec 28, 2018

What If I Forgot the Login Password?

Click “Forgot Password” on the log in page, you can retrieve the password via phone.

Special Reminder: If you enter the wrong login password for less than 6 times, you can log in normally after resetting. If you make 6 failed login attempts, the account will be locked for 2 hours and be unlocked automatically after 2 hours. But if you make failed login attempts for more than 6 times, your account will be locked for 24 hours and cannot be unlocked manually during this period. After 24 hours, the account will be unlocked automatically.

How can I get BTC or USDT after Payment?

Click “I’ve transferred” at the bottom right of the page, the seller will receive payment notification. After he confirms the receipt of the payment, the digital asset will be released to you, then you can view the asset in your account.

What If the Seller does not Release Digital Currencies after I Click “I’ve transferred” for a Long Time?

Generally, after receiving the payment, sellers will release digital assets to you as soon as possible. If you’ve already paid, but still waiting, please don’t worry, because all online transactions are protected by hosting and sellers can’t take your digital assets.

What is the Certified Merchant?

An advanced merchant certified by 58COIN. Margin and official review ensure safe, efficient and reliable transactions.

Why can’t I Trade in Spot with Digital Currencies in My Account?

Coins in C2C accounts need to be transferred to the Spot Account before they can be traded. You need to transfer first, and then you can conduct spot transactions.

Why can’t I Withdraw CNY Directly after Selling Digital Currencies in Spot Account?

You need to transfer the coins in Spot Account to C2C Account first, then you can sell coins and withdraw CNY.

Is there a Limit on the Number of Publishing Times for Each Account in C2C Transactions?

A maximum of 2 order posts can be published for the same currency of the same direction in one account. (For example, Bitcoin order posts: you can publish up to 2 sell orders and 2 buy orders; USDT order posts: you can publish up to 2 sell orders and 2 buy orders.)

How the Anomalies in C2C Transactions be Tackled?

Ten minutes after you click “I’ve paid”, you can click “Order Appeal” at the bottom right of the page. Our staff will respond to your appeal within 1 working day. If you cannot complete it on the page, please send the UID, phone number, order ID and a detailed description of the question to support@58coin.com, our appeal handling team will verify and process your appeal.

Why do I need to Pay Margin for Publishing Purchasing Advertisement?

This is to ensure that the advertisements you publish are true and effective. Used as the default guarantee, the margin will be returned to you after the transaction is completed. If you do not want to pay the margin, you can choose Buy/Sell directly to trade.

Can the Nickname of the C2C Account be Changed?

For security reasons, the nickname can only be set once, and the username cannot be changed temporarily.

What if C2C doesn’t have the Currency I Want?

You can send a detailed description of the question to support@58coin.com and attach the contact details and your name. We will contact the project party to list the currency as the circumstances may require.

What should I do when the Page Reminds me to Complete Advanced Verification in C2C Transaction?

You need to complete the advanced verification in C2C Account, upload the front and back sides of your effective document and the photo of the hand-holding ID card/passport. After passing the review, your advanced verification is completed.

What Preparations should I Make before Publishing an Advertisement?

First you need to complete the advanced verification and bind the payment method. If you want to publish a purchase advertisement, please prepare enough margin. The amount of the deposit is as follows:





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