Deposit & Withdraw on 58COIN

3 min readFeb 15, 2019

One-Stop Platform

58COIN is a one-stop integrated blockchain service platform. By registering one account, you can enjoy Spot, Hash and other services on the platform and switch seamlessly between Spot Account, Hash Account and 58COIN Account, and there is no transfer fee.

How to Deposit?

1. Click “Account” in the top right corner of 58COIN.

2. Click “Deposit” and select the currency. The following figure shows an example of BTC:

3. Deposit directly to your deposit address. After the deposit is successful, click the last 10 deposit records below to view deposit history.


1. Deposit with BTC address requires 1 network confirmation to ensure the arrival. Transfers between internal accounts do not need network confirmation and can reach the account in real time.

2. A large amount of BTC transactions involves long network conformation time, in order to make faster transactions, you should increase the network fee.

How to Withdraw?

1. Click “Account” — “Withdrawal” in the top right corner and select the currency. Take BTC as an example, click “Withdraw”.

2. Add a new withdrawal address (please pay attention to the difference between the internal address and external address).

3. Withdraw to an internal address (it refers to the collection account is the platform account), you only need to enter the counterparty’s linked phone number. There is no fee for the internal transfer.

4. Withdraw to an external address, you need to add the counterparty’s collection address, please check the address carefully when adding.

5. If you add a new currency address as the trusted address, enter the fund password — Google verification code — SMS code, etc., as promoted.

6. Confirm via email after clicking “Add”.

7. Confirm in the email.

8. After the addition is successful, you can withdraw directly to the added address. If the address is a trusted address, just fill in the amount when withdraw.

9. Withdraw to an untrusted address requires relevant verification and email confirmation. Click the “Email Confirmation” under “Last 10 Withdrawal Records”.

After you initiate the withdrawal application, our staff will contact you as soon as possible. Please keep the mobile phone unblocked. If you have any questions, please contact the online customer service.

Internal Transfer

Internal transfer refers to the transfer of assets between your Spot Account, Hash Account, and Deposit & Withdraw Account.

1. Log in to the website and click “Account” in the top right corner.

2. Click “Wallet” — “Transfer” (Take BTC as an example)

3. Select the transfer accounts, fill in the amount and click “Transfer”. For example, a transfer from the Deposit & Withdraw Account to the Hash Account is shown as follows: (fast and free transfer)

4. After the transfer, you can check whether the transfer is successful in the asset details below.

What if I cannot Receive the Confirmation Email?

If you do not receive the email, please check the trash first, since the email may be mistakenly marked as spam by the system. If you still cannot find email after inquiry, please contact the customer service.

What if I Withdraw to a Wrong Address?

Once your withdrawal application is approved, the withdrawal process cannot be suspended. Due to the anonymity of the blockchain address, we’re unable to find the counterparty. If you withdraw to a wrong address, please negotiate with the owner by other means to retrieve your assets.

What if I Deposit to a Wrong Address?

Due to the anonymity of the blockchain address, if you deposit to a wrong address, we’re unable to help you. Please negotiate with the owner by other means to retrieve your assets.