58COIN Daily Trading Reference

2 min readJan 15, 2019

Jan. 15, 2019 Tuesday


BTC fluctuated slightly during the day and quickly rebounded around 170 in the evening. The daily chart shows that the market gained support on the lower band, became stabilized and rebounded, the Bollinger Band indicator was flat and the market was generally volatile. The resistance level of the middle band is around 3,770. On the 4-hour chart, the short-term market was blocked on the Bollinger band. The KDJ and RSI indicators turned heads down, and the short-term may fall back. On the 1-hour chart, KDJ indicated death cross, MACD and RSI indicators are near the death cross, the short-term may fall back. There are a lot of short-term sharp rises and falls, but the general direction is still volatile. Therefore, it is not appropriate to continue to buy on the upswing, and sell on the downswing after the rebound and at the end of the decline. You can choose to buy low and sell high!

Resistance Level: 3,650; 3,670; 3,710; 3,735; 3,750; 3,785; 3,820; 3,840; 3,880

Support Level: 3,615; 3,600; 3,560; 3,540; 3,510; 3,490; 3,460; 3,440

Suggestions: Buy low and sell high in short-term trading: 3645–3610, stop loss: 3590; stop loss: 3670

Long: 3,570–3,540; stop loss: 3,520; target: 3,600; 3,620; 3,650

Short: 3,750–3,790; stop loss: 3,820; target: 3,710; 3,650


Resistance Level: 2.44, 2.46, 2.48, 2.51, 2.54, 2.6

Support Level: 2.4, 2.37, 2.35, 2.33, 2.29, 2.26, 2.24, 2.21, 2.18

Suggestions: Buy low and sell high in short-term trading: 2.4–2.45, stop loss: 2.39; stop loss: 2.46

Long: 2.35–2.31; stop loss: 2.27; target: 2.39, 2.44

Short: 2.5–2.54; stop loss: 2.58; target: 2.47, 2.44, 2.41

The specific operation is subject to the real-time prompt in the market!


The trading strategy is for reference only and the investment risk is borne by yourself. Investment involves risks, you should conduct your own research when entering the market!




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