Bull Market Is Coming! 58COIN Opens A New Era Of “Cloud Mining”!

5 min readMay 16, 2019


There have been signs of the market rally since the beginning of the 2019 new year. After that, the continuous uptrend market sees small pullbacks, rising from 3,000 to 4,000, then to 5,000 in a few months, and broke through 6,000 in the past few days. Sensitive investors have smelled the coming of the bull market and getting even closer. They may wonder how to make a layout before the arrival of the bull market, and how to seize the opportunity?

The 58COIN exchange offers investors a preferred and timely choice — leasing cloud mining.

Cloud mining is a service that allows users to lease based on each T hashrate or designated period of time by paying certain operation and management costs and enjoy the earnings accordingly.

Compared with the high profit of contract trading, cloud mining is more stable and conservative; while compared with “buy low and sell high”, investors can better understand the original pleasure of mining. In another saying, the purchasing of cloud mining is equivalent to lay out a small ecology. Regardless of price fluctuations, investors can get bitcoin earnings every day by paying only electricity cost, management fee, and O&M costs. Besides, the cloud mining service launched by 58COIN this time offers a lot of cost-effective services for investors.

Hot Sales Miners

The Antminer S17 series, which is the latest flagship product of Bitmain, with the high hashrate of 53TH/s, the power consumption of 2,417w/h per mining machine, it can remain normal operation under 40°C. Such high mining power, super energy saving, and high-temperature resistance miners have been sold out in just a few minutes after the sales started. 58COIN uses such miners for mining power leasing services indeed attracts the attention of a large number of mining enthusiasts. As the bull market is approaching, with such cost-effective mining machines, investors can invest with confidence.

Low Entry Requirements

With regard to the threshold of mining, tens of thousands of RMB investments discourages many small investors. The BitHash launched by 58COIN this time is designed for various investors, starting from 1T hashrate with no upper limit, sold for several hundred RMB or higher, regardless of being large, medium, or small investors can participate according to their financial planning.

Compared with self mining, investors do not have to worry about the setting of mining field, mining noise and other affairs, besides, the unified management and O&M can save a lot of electricity and O&M costs for investors. Currently, only bitcoin mining is supported.

Fair and Reasonable Fees

After buying cloud mining services, investors may be concerned about the following problems, including what if the electricity bill is high? What if the various expenses make me cost overrun? Investors do not need to worry at all. 58COIN, as an old mining brand, promises to offer the lowest service costs in the industry with no additional fees.

Package Fees: Hashrate Fee +Electricity Cost + Management Fee + O&M Costs

1) Electricity Cost: Power consumption * 24h * electricity price 0.32 CNY ($0.047)/kWh

2) Management Fee: 4% of mining earnings

3) O&M Costs: Power consumption * 24h * electricity price 0.03 CNY ($0.0044)/kWh

Users should pay hashrate fee with USDT. The electricity cost, management fee, and O&M costs will be deducted from the daily mining earnings in the form of BTC.

Continued and Considerable Earnings

Cloud mining can offer investors with continuous and considerable earnings without paying too much attention to price changes or markets. If you think that the bull market will indeed come with a rising price of 8,000 or 10,000, then investors can recover the cost quickly and then start a mining process of pure earnings and high currency price. (The recently launched perpetual hashrate contract can make investors get indefinite earnings.)

Mining Earnings: 12.5/D*(1T/s*24h*3600)/σ≈0.00003752BTC

Where D=6702169884349; 1T/s=10¹²; σ=2³²

After deducting the management fee: 0.00003752BTC*96%≈0.000036

(The above is assuming that the difficulty factor D is calculated in the current state, the change of which will affect the mining earnings)

Electricity Cost and O&M Costs: 2417W/h*24h/1000*(0.32+0.3)/53=0.38 CNY(approx. $0.055)

According to the current bitcoin price of 7,100 US dollars, the daily net profit of per T hashrate can be 1.4092 CNY (approx. $0.205), based on such calculation, investors can recover the cost in 275 days. Meanwhile, if the difficulty of mining remains unchanged, as long as the digital currency is higher than $1,599.14, then the mining machine will be in a state of profit. Therefore, if you expect the upward movement of bitcoin in the market, investing in cloud mining is a lucrative choice.

Remarks: The data such as currency price, exchange rate, and difficulty of mining are set according to the current situation, and may subject to change. The estimated data is a valuation and not an accurate one.


Currently, the launched cloud mining services are perpetual ones. Investors can hold it forever after a one-time buyout theoretically and can get continuous earnings in the bull market.

However, in the event of an extremely bearish market, if the mining revenue cannot cover the costs of electricity, management, O&M, etc. for 90 consecutive days, the service will be terminated and the user has no ownership of the mining machine.

In accordance with daily practice, quote the official investment risk warning of 58COIN:

  1. As the price and mining difficulty of digital assets may subject to large fluctuations and regular adjustments accordingly. Any decline in the price or increase in the mining difficulty will result in a lower return on the hash contract. Whether it is from the angle of digital assets or fiat currencies, this hash contract does not guarantee that the user can recover the cost. Every investment and transaction involves risks, users should assess their own risk tolerance when making a decision.
  2. Force majeure and accident risk: Force majeure events such as natural disasters, digital currency market crisis, war, equipment failure, communication failure, power failure, or changes in national policies, which cannot be foreseen, avoided, or overcome, may lead to the termination of this custody service. 58Coin does not assume any responsibility for any decline in investment earnings or even the principal loss that may incur by the above-mentioned situations.

Normally, when mentioned about the digital currency, features like great fluctuations and unpredictable risks are often attached to it. Such a theory obviously does not apply to cloud mining. Investors can get continuous and additional profits if the currency price is higher than $1,599.14, and will not stop until an extreme bear market happens. On the eve of the bull market, how can you remain the cold shoulder in the face of such a low-risk, stable return investment method?

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