Announcement on Suspension of the Quarterly Contract HT1227 and Adjustment of Index Component

1 min readDec 9, 2019

Dear 58COIN users,

In view that Huobi Global will start a close to 140-minute system maintenance from 02:00 (UTC +8) to 04:20 (UTC +8) on December 10.

58COIN will make the following adjustments before 12:00 (UTC +8) on December 10:

  1. Adjust the index component from the original “Binance 70%, Huobi Global 30%”to Binance 100%, and change the index of BSV to “OKEx 100%”.
  2. Actions including transactions, opening and closing positions, transfers, take-profit and stop-loss of the quarterly contract HT 1227 will be suspended at 01:30 (UTC +8).

After Huobi Global completes the maintenance and the system becomes stable, we’ll resume the HT related transactions and restart the original index component at once. Please pay attention to the follow-up announcement.

By adhering to the operating principle of “Customer First, Safety, Strength and Trust”, 58COIN devotes to creating a safe, transparent and reliable digital asset service environment for traders.

December 9, 2019

58COIN Exchange