8X Earnings, how to achieve it in Swap on 58COIN?

6 min readJun 5, 2018

In 15 days, 5 BTCs were earned with 0.6 BTCs, and the profits were increased 8 times. This is not a “dream of dreams” in the market where Bitcoin dropped by nearly 20% in May, but it actually happened in 58COIN investors. “On the body. “WTO entry” is a 58COIN perpetual contract hardcore player.

In such an ever-changing market environment, how does China’s accession to the WTO achieve its profitability? What are the investment suggestions for investors who have entered the currency market and who have spent some time in the currency market? Please prepare peanuts, mineral water, and a small notebook.

Behind the 8 times earnings: The message surface, technical surface, and capital surface are indispensable.

Bitcoin prices approached the $20,000 mark in December 2017, and in February 2018, Bitcoin quickly fell below $7,000. After slightly warming in March, it fell again and fell below $6,700. Although there was a slight recovery in April, bitcoin was hit again in May and it fell more than 17.82%. The trend of Bitcoin is a roller coaster.

Bitcoin is a barometer of the digital currency market. In the face of such a wave of digital currency markets, why did China’s accession to the WTO achieve 0.6 Bo 5 and its earnings increased 8 times?

There are two main reasons for entering the WTO: first, the inflow and outflow of funds for buying and selling, and second, the long and short judgment of the disk with the K line.

In order to understand the above-mentioned operating points in more detail, China’s entry into the WTO has thoroughly analyzed the classic case mentioned in the opening paragraph:

On May 29th, when Bitcoin was around 7200, many friends at the time of joining the WTO were shorting. At the same time, they all suggested that “entering the WTO” was short, but according to their own judgments, “WTO accession” chose to operate in contrarian terms — — Do more, place orders at 7100 points, close positions at 7500 points, and the actual disk trend confirms the judgment of “entry into the WTO”, which is equivalent to using the cost of 0.6 BTC, earning about 7 times.

This realm of “everyone is drunk and I wake up alone” does not arise on a whim, but depends on investment experience and combines the conclusions of the analysis conducted on the disk. For this wave of operations, “entering the WTO” was the way to make this judgment:

First of all, judging from the news: U.S. regulators investigated whether securities such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are subject to applicable securities regulations, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit, has been subjected to surprise inspections by South Korean prosecutors and Japanese financial regulators have punished many The bad news such as the home cryptocurrency exchange broke out, resulting in a judgment that the bad news has been exhausted and should be long.

Secondly, from the perspective of disk funds, we can see through the statistics of btc.com that the total inflow of capital on the day is greater than the outflow of funds. This shows that the buying has quietly entered the market, the decline in kinetic energy gradually weakened, the chance of rebound increased, which is Further determine the second basis for doing more.

Again, from a technical point of view, a very long lower shadow line appeared on May 21, and the disk has been consolidating for a few days at this point. It has not fallen below this support level, so “WTO entry” feels that this is the bottom However, it is determined to do more.

Finally, “joining the WTO” admitted that psychological factors and luck are also indispensable in contrarian operations.

In simple terms, how do you make a profit? The answer given by China’s accession to the WTO is to increase the reserve of professional knowledge, accumulate investment experience, keep a close eye on the news, funding, and technical aspects and maintain independent judgment.

It is worth noting that there is still a big killer for China’s accession to the WTO, which is able to switch between short-selling and short-selling. The first ten minutes are still short, and after the liquidation is completed, it can be reversed quickly. “WTO entry” pointed out that long-short conversions should be combined with changes in market conditions, because the trend of the market is cyclical. If it is a unilateral market, it will follow the trend. If it is a broad shock, it is suitable for buying low and selling high.

How Masters Use Perpetual Contracts to Gain High Profit

To play a contract is to play short-term, short-term investment is the arena of masters.

The first step for a master to play a contract is to judge whether the design of the contract trading mechanism is a good idea.

At this point, joining the WTO is very excited to say: 58 COIN’s perpetual contract mechanism is a model in the industry.

why? The following five points were stated in the WTO entry:

1. Multiple levers to meet different preferences of investors.

Provide 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 33x, 50x, 100x leverage options, beginners can choose low leverage in the early period, this risk is relatively small, relatively senior investors can Choose high leverage, which can increase investment profits.

2. There is no delivery date, the profit is higher and the cost is lower.

Whether it is more than a single or empty order, the smaller the position is opened, the farther away from the point of exposure. Basically, this time will not explode. If there is a delivery date, the user’s profit may be reduced, and will also increase the opening fee, and 58COIN this mechanism is very suitable for investors who prefer leverage.

3. Increase the margin balance and stay away from strong points.

As long as the margin balance is sufficient, you can stay away from strong points. This is more suitable for beginners and investors in the long-term.

4. No one has fixed positions.

Use the mark prices of Bitstamp, GDAX, Bitfinex, Coin, and Huo exchanges to calculate the strong price and unrealized gains and losses so that the market stays away from manipulatives. Even if there is an extreme run-down, the margin will be sufficient. Will not easily appear explosive positions.

5. There is no artificial loss.

In common contracts, once a situation occurs, the platform will automatically spread the loss to all users. This is obviously unfair to most users. The automatic lighten-up mechanism and insurance fund system established by the 58COIN perpetual contract avoids the situation of “managing the loss by manpower” and ensures the best interests of most users.

These five points ensure that the users are far away from the strong points and maximize the benefits.

So can the user choose to have a 58COIN perpetual contract to be able to sit back and relax?

of course not. Investment is risky. There are three suggestions for joining the WTO. First, investors must reserve professional investment knowledge in advance. Second, choose the leverage that suits them. If you hold the speculative mentality, then you should choose high leverage if it is relatively conservative. , Then the small lever operation; Finally, always pay attention to avoid the strong flat, near the strong flat line, remember to lighten up properly.



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