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Recently, it was a harvest season. Following the on-line contract on May 2 and the start of the subscription on May 23, 58B, in just one month, 58COIN’s new business, Financing Money, was put on the line! The currency friends are all passing: Every business of COIN is an opportunity to seize the opportunity. Perhaps you are the next person with free wealth. However, to seize the opportunity, the first thing to face is not the question of which business to choose, but where to start the funds.

Imagine that when I waited for my daily life to become a worker, I struggled to make a living. I wanted to rely on the stock market to make a fortune. The result was scarred. I finally saw a glimmer of hope in the currency market, but I was told that the balance was insufficient! At this point you could not bear to miss the opportunity, had to think of ways to financing, but the reality is that personal qualifications cross the bank’s high threshold, family and friends can not afford to bear family burdens, and finally can only declare the failure of financing. At this time you must be angry, is it really worthless, and can only reluctantly look at other people’s wealth of freedom, and their card in the start-up capital?

Of course not, 58COIN financing and financing business is to solve the financing problem for you.

What is the MARGIN ?

Financing FX is to mortgage the digital assets that it holds to the platform, borrow from the platform several times the digital assets it originally held, and selectively invest on the platform. In simple terms, if you have digital assets in the 58COIN platform account, you can use it as collateral to borrow more digital assets on the platform. The borrowed digital assets can be traded on the 58COIN platform. With smaller funds to make greater investments, we can achieve a small amount of revenue and double profits. At present, 58COIN financing financing supports up to 3 times leverage, which means if you have 1 BTC in your account, then you can borrow up to 2 BTCs from the platform. At this time, your total assets are 3 BTC.

The whole process of financing and financing is generally based on the original digital assets as collateral, borrowing a certain amount of digital assets from the platform, then shorting long to earn the difference, and finally returning the digital assets and interest borrowed by the platform. The biggest advantage of financing and financing is to add principal and leverage, long-short and two-way operation, and it can be profitable whether the market rises or falls.

At present, the 58COIN Financing Currency Trading Area has now opened BTC/UCC, BCH/UCC, EOS/UCC, LTC/UCC, ETH/UCC and other trading markets.

Under normal circumstances, the 58COIN financing and renminbi business supports the real-time arrival of credits. However, you need to remind you that there is a limit to the daily release amount for each currency of the 58COIN. When the release amount is emptied, the user cannot borrow money from the platform, and can only wait until the second day or the day after the user repays the currency. Can continue to borrow money. Therefore, if you want to enlarge the transaction through financing, you need to operate as soon as possible to avoid the phenomenon of borrowing less money.

Note: The maximum borrowable amount of financing financing formula:

The difference between 58COIN MARGIN and traditional lending?

Although financing renminbi is also a form of borrowing, financing renminbi is not the same as ordinary lending. For example, we usually use a credit card. When you need money, the bank will lend money to you for consumption. As long as you regularly pay off the loan and interest, but in addition to paying off the principal and interest, the following differences exist.

1. Support “do more” and “short”

There are two concepts: long-term financing and short-selling.

To do more is to judge that a certain digital currency will rise, transfer the principal amount to the financing and financing accounts, borrow the legal currency from the platform, and then use the legal currency to buy the digital currency at a low price, sell it at a high price, and finally return the legal currency borrowed by the platform and Interest, earning the difference;

Short is to judge that a certain digital currency will fall, transfer the principal into the financing and depreciation account, borrow the digital currency from the platform, and then sell the digital currency at a high price, buy it at a low price, and finally return the figure borrowed by the platform. Currency and interest, earn the difference.

Take LTC/UCC as an example. LTC is the base currency and UCC is the currency of denomination.

When you are bullish on the LTC, you can borrow UCC from the platform, change to LTC, wait until the LTC goes up, then change to a larger number of UCCs, return UCC this time, and you get more UCC.

Similarly, when you are bearish on the LTC, you can borrow LTC from the platform and replace it with UCC. After the LTC falls, replace it with UCC to get a larger number of LTCs. At this time, return the LTC and you will get more. More LTC.

2. Mark the risk rate: let the risk be transparent in real time

In traditional lending, risk control is mostly completed before the occurrence of lending activities, and is only to ensure the interests of lenders. The lenders are unaware of their operational risks throughout the entire process, and most of them can only have a certain amount of money near the repayment period. Risk assessment. The risk ratio introduced by the financing and renminbi business reveals the risks of both parties in real time.

The risk ratio in financing and depreciation can be used as the ratio of the total assets (excluding interest) and the total amount of borrowing assets to describe the use of the investor’s capital account to measure the size of the risk. When the risk rate reaches a certain value, the platform will automatically recover the loan assets. In the 58COIN Financing Financing, the risk rate is equal to or lower than 110% (adjusted later), and the user will explode.

Remind you to pay close attention to the risk rate in real time and avoid the risk of explosion in time.

Tips: When the risk rate reaches the warning line (tentatively 120%), the system will send a prompt message to the user.

3. Understand the rule of exploding positions and stop loss in time

Financing and renminbi use less funds to realize the possibility of obtaining greater returns. If you can accurately predict the price of the currency, you can make a profit, but if you judge the wrong currency, the loss will also increase year-on-year.

In the 58COIN financing financing business, when you conduct a currency exchange transaction, if the risk rate is equal to or lower than 110% (adjusted later), the system will conduct a forced transaction on this transaction to recover the platform funds. During the period of Qiangping, all transactions and operations of the user are prohibited. After the repayment of the position, the remaining balance will be returned to your financing and repayment account.

Repayment of financing principal and interest

At present, the interest rate of 58COIN financing and financing is 0.07%, once every 24 hours, less than 24h will be calculated according to the 24h repayment method for a one-time repayment of the principal and interest (subsequent increase will be part of the repayment), no limit on the repayment period.

Pay attention to the following matters when repaying:

1. Repayment currency must be consistent with the type of loan currency.

2. If the balance of the current currency is less than the amount of the loan at the time of repayment, all repayments cannot be made, and manual transactions are required to replace other currencies with the current currency.

3. Once the principal and the repayable interest of a single debit order are fully paid off, the single debit currency order status is converted to paid-off, and the order is no longer charged.

How to Reduce the Risk of Financing and Currency Trading?

Finally, give everyone some suggestions to reduce the risk of financing and renminbi trading:

1. The rational use of leverage multiples, in the face of market emergent good or bad, the financing and currency trading can be used as a hedging transaction choice;

2. Stop loss at the right time, open positions spontaneously, and the currency of the digital currency fluctuates greatly, so control the risk and pace;

3. Avoid using long-term holding transactions with financing rumbling transactions.

PS: 58COIN financing operation instructions (see the second part of this push).

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