58COIN perpetual contract fee free activity for only 18 days!

5 min readAug 15, 2018


Many people are not aware of is that there are only 18 days left in the 58COIN perpetual contract. This is not a simple relief activity, but a welfare show as a star product in the circle. At present, there are only 18 days left in the star show, and the next time is not known.
On May 2nd, the star product 58COIN 100 perpetual contract was born, quickly attracted the attention of the media and peers, and even brought pressure to other contract platforms. The industry attributes its competitiveness to the following seven points:

1. Meet the habits of most contract players;
2, put an end to artificially set a point of explosion;
3. Eliminate the loss of the entire account;
4. The spread is small and the liquidity is good;
5. Hedging and good value;
6, no delivery date, higher profits, lower costs;
7, multi-leverage, multi-variety, to meet the investment needs of different preferences.

Under the blessing of the above seven advantages, the success of the continuous contract after the launch of the news, and 58COIN brought considerable cash flow:

The BTC 100 times perpetual contract was only 8 days online, which created a transaction volume of nearly 10,000 BTC. The three-day EOS 100-period contract for half a day has reached three times the transaction peak, and some investors directly mentioned 500 BTCs to enter the 58COIN 100 times perpetual contract. As of now, the perpetual contract has been Created tens of millions of profits for 58COIN.
Now 58COIN has launched a 45-day (7.18–8.31) perpetual contract fee free activity, which shows its determination to benefit users and develop the platform. Of course, this also shows the strong financial strength of the platform.

So, what are the direct benefits that users can get from this opportunity?

If you are short-term, you should understand the importance of the fee. If the fee-free activity can reduce the cost for the investor, let us calculate the account:

In the 58COIN perpetual contract transaction, the Toke (single payer) fee is 0.06%, and the Maker (payer) fee is 0.03%.

Suppose you have a BTC worth 100,000 yuan to make a contract transaction, open 50 times leverage, the position value is 5 million yuan (100,000 * 50 times), assuming you are a token in the process, the fee is 3000 Yuan (5 million * 0.06%), assuming that you are a Maker in the process, the fee required to pay is 1,500 yuan, and the fees for the two cases account for 4% and 2% respectively.

In addition, industry insiders recognize that contracts are the most sensible choice when investing in the currency circle.

1) Contracts can replace coins, save money, and expand financial management: There is now a “coin party”. If they have 10 BTCs, they will have 40,000. However, these people can completely consider buying 5 BTCs first, then open them again. More than one single, long-term holding a single contract of a perpetual contract, completely replace the coin; at the same time can save more than 200,000, the money can be used for financial management.

2) Support quantitative models and hedge arbitrage: For financial institutions, on the one hand, it is a trend, on the other hand, it is a hedge arbitrage. These are very reasonable gameplay. The trend is to do quantitative mode, arbitrage is to move bricks, and now we are more inclined to use contracts to quantify arbitrage. Because moving bricks requires money, you have to bear the risk of currency fluctuations. If you don’t want to bear it, we will do some empty orders on the contract to hedge. Therefore, the most important role of contracts for financial institutions is hedging and quantitative arbitrage.

The contract has made investors and the leading exchanges. As we all know, the world’s number one trading exchange is Bitmex, and the starting product is the contract. The main form of profit for a contract is to charge a transaction fee. For a contract with a main contract, the contract fee is a very critical cash flow. Now the 58COIN fee is free to give this piece of cash flow to the user.

In addition to the contract, there are two major businesses in the long-term free

The perpetual contract is the fist product of 58COIN. Once the free event is launched, it attracts the attention of a large number of users. In fact, 58COIN has two other businesses that are also free, and are free for a long time, but few people pay attention. These two major businesses are — currency transactions and legal currency OTC business.

The charm of the contract does not have to be said, but there are still many currency friends who are more inclined to make currency transactions and legal currency OTC.

According to relevant statistics, nearly half of the global digital currency trading volume comes from currency transactions. How big is the market cake for currency trading, just need to see how hard it is now with 58COIN’s respectable opponent currency.

Looking at the currency circle, most platforms have launched currency transactions and legal currency OTC transactions, and in general, the currency transaction will charge a fee of five thousandths, and the legal currency OTC will charge a one percent fee. But what is certain is that, as of now, in addition to 58COIN, no platform has dared to announce it for free.

Let’s take a closer look at how much welfare it can bring to users.

Assume that the transaction fee and withdrawal fee of the ordinary exchange are five thousandths. That is to say, whenever you have 10,000 yuan to buy in, buy and sell, then it is 9900. According to statistics, the number of active users per day is as high as 3.62 times. Assuming that each pen is around 20,000 yuan, then a user’s short-term transaction costs will exceed 400 yuan a day, and more than 10,000 yuan a month. This is only a small household. Play, and does not include the withdrawal fee. If a high-frequency player takes 20,000 to fire, then one month will consume half of its original position. If you are a big one, please don’t doubt that their one-year handling fee is enough to buy an Audi.

As a new platform, 58COIN dares to turn the peer’s profit module into a welfare for investors.