58COIN Launched North American Branch in New York, the Core Team Officially Unveiled [Annual Report 2018 Attached]

3 min readFeb 28, 2019

When many people are still plagued by the post-holiday-syndrome, the 58COIN team has already stepped out of the carnival crowd and started the battle mode. As is known to all, the platform remains normal operation during the Chinese Spring Festival. Just now, 58COIN declared that its North American Branch was officially launched, and mainly responsible for the development of 58COIN’s international market.

Meanwhile, its high-quality core management team was also unveiled. Part of the core members includes Andrew Mattews, the CEO; Jason Harris, Legal and Supervisory Director; Sara Dipaguale, Customer Relations Director, and Kaily, the Technical Director.

This is a highly sophisticated team with over 10 years of industry experience and working experience in the world’s top financial companies such as Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Coinbase, etc. They’ve joined 58COIN since last March, after nearly a year, they chose to formally meet the users.

Why did they join 58COIN?

CEO Andrew Mattews replied: “I strongly believe that this company and this application will change the world, 58COIN is developing rapidly and has strong innovation and developing ability, that’s the reason that I want to be a part of this company.”

The biggest problem that has plagued countless companies is innovation, and 58COIN seems to be born with the genes of “demolish and establish”.

At the beginning of its establishment, 58COIN announced the free OTC and Spot trades, breaking the inherent business model of the cryptocurrency;

In last May, 58COIN initiated Swap and started the year of currency contracts;

In last July, 58COIN initiated mortgage loan to revitalize the idle digital assets;

At the end of last year, the platform launched the USDT Contract on the basis of the original perpetual contract and became a bear investing weapon.

According to Andrew Mattews, 58COIN will offer more surprises to users around the world in the future. Let’s wait and see. First, let’s take a look at the first-hand details of 58COIN’s annual report!

58COIN Annual Report 2018

This is a data report of 2018 from the exchange.

More International

  1. Global Offices Expanded to 4 Continents, 6 Countries.


USA/UK/China/Japan/Marshall/New Zealand

2. Supported Languages Increased to 5

Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian

3. 24h Customer Service Supported Languages Increased to 5

Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian

More Reliable

1. Has been running 463 days, 11,112 hours.

2. The Contract Type Increased to 3

Digital Perpetual Contract (Swap), USDT Perpetual Contract, Regular Contract

3. The Business Type Increased to 5

Spot, OTC, Contracts, Mortgage Loan, Margin

4. The Terminal Coverage Increased to 3

Web, Android, iOS

5. Upgrades for More Than 20 Times

1)Add a marking tool

2)Upgrade the personal center in Web, Android, and iOS

3) Strengthen user KYC verification

4)Enhance financial security

5)Upgrade Spot trading

6)Upgrade OTC trading

More Powerful

1)The Monthly Peak of Contract Transaction Exceeded 30 Billion US Dollars

2)24h Volume Exceeded 2 Billion US dollars

3)The Broker’s Single Rebates Exceeded 1 Million

4)The Platform Registered Users Exceeded 400,000

5)Community Users Broke Through 100,000

6)Customer Service Processing Reached 23,901

More Generous

1. Platform Risk Reserves

BTC 20,000+

ETH 200,000+

2. Giveaways

First Anniversary Giveaways — 10,000 Yangcheng Lake Hairy Crabs

2019 Chinese Spring Festival Giveaways -10,000 Chagan Lake Fresh Fishes

2018 Come Out Ahead!

2019 Keep Trying!

Website: https://ww.58coin.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coin.58COIN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/58_coin

Telegram: https://t.me/official58