Apr 23, 2019

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58COIN Daily Trading Reference

[58COIN] April 22, 2019, Monday


The recent trend of BTC is strong, and mostly in the uptrend. The current price is blocked around the horizontal resistance level of 5,340, around the high point of the previous rebound. On the daily chart, the market started the pullback after hitting the resistance level around 5,340 on Saturday. The death crosses of MACD and RSI occurred, and the death cross of KDJ is about to happen. The market may fall further, investors should focus on the support level around the middle band 5,130. On the 4-hour chart, the Bollinger band is flat and the short-term market oscillated. The lower support level is around 5,200, the middle resistance level is around 5,265, and the upper resistance level is around 5,320. The KDJ and RSI turn head upward, the short-term market may rebound. In the intraday trading, it is recommended to short in short-term, and long after the pullback becomes stabilized.

Resistance Level: 5,250; 5,270; 5,305; 5,315; 5,335; 5,385; 5,420

Support Level: 5,210; 5,190; 5,165; 5,145; 5,120; 5,090; 5,055

Suggestions: Short: 5,260–5,280; stop loss: 5,295; targets: 5,220; 5,200; 5,180

Long: 5,190–5,160; stop loss: 5,140; targets: 5,230; 5,260; 5,280


Resistance Level: 5.15; 5.18; 5.21; 5.24; 5.28; 5.34; 5.38; 5.41; 5.45

Support Level: 5.09; 5.05; 5.01; 4.98; 4.95; 4.9; 4.84; 4.76; 4.71

Suggestions: Long: 5.1–5.06; stop loss: 5.04; targets: 5.15; 5.18; 5.21

Short: 5.21–5.24; stop loss: 5.26; targets: 5.18; 5.15; 5.11

The specific operation is subject to the real-time prompt in the market!


The trading strategy is for reference only and the investment risk is borne by yourself. Investment involves risks, you should conduct your own research when entering the market!

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