130x Earnings Rate In Three Days! How Did Mr. Baikal Make That Happen In Contract Trading?

3 min readApr 15, 2019

Volatility is the source of profit. The greater the volatility, the greater the chance of making a profit, so does the chance of suffering loss. The cryptocurrency market rallied last week, which was also the golden time for trading contracts. During the period, the popular currencies fluctuated sharply and the amplitude between the longs and shorts was amazing. In such a big market, most investors are more cautious than ever, for fear of being swallowed up by the market. But there are also a few people, dare to trade contrary to the main trend. As soon as the market came, they immediately sailed into the market and recovered profits in a short period of time. Mr. Baikal, who we interviewed today, is such a contract warrior. He invested the riskiest contract type with the principal of $600, in only three days, he earned $78,000, nearly 130x earnings rate. Here is Mr. Baikal’s trading experience:

Risky Market, Multiple Investment Strategies

As Mr. Baikal is skilled in investing Dash’s dark coins, so he chose Dash as the main trading cryptocurrency. Besides, he also selected some coins that led to the surging or slumping market according to the size of the market fluctuations. In the trading, Mr. Baikal chose DASH, BCH, LTC, BSV, among them, the price of BCH doubled, and DASH and LTC increased by more than 60%. Under such a volatile, it was easy to make big profits in a very short time.

Mr. Baikal made good use of USDT Contract’s feature of “take advantage of other’s strong points”. 58COIN seeks to create an easy and fast trading experience for investors, that is, as long as you got USDT, you can involve in the market directly, saving the trouble of converting currencies.

Enter & Exit Market In Time

In many cases, the big market will last for a few days. It is common to get profits immediately after opening a position. But most investors dare to analyze but have no courage to open a position. Normally, they feel bored when the market is flat and feel panic when the big fluctuation comes. Mr. Baikal suggests investors could be lax in a flat market and stay alert in the volatile market, catch the chance and make a big investment, such kind of profit logic is common in the digital currency market. In addition, investors should be ready to exit when the uptrend is frustrated and maintain a sound trading strategy in the unfavorable market.

The More Volatile The Market, The More Careful In Holding The Position

Why do few investors dare to enter the market in a highly volatile market? The reason is that many people are used to large positions and high leverages. Under violent fluctuations, there is no difference between gambling and such operation, and the loss of all invested capital is not surprising. Mr. Baikal suggested that investors should be more careful in the volatile market, leaving room for a strong market. In the trading history, we can see Mr. Baikal accumulated hundreds of lots in the previous period and added thousands of lots after the margin doubles in the later period. He changed the investment strategy sensibly according to the market, besides, he also closed the positions in succession, without the abrupt closing.

The transaction history of Mr. Baikal is shown as follows:

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